//selects all text and refocuses text box after submit //chosen over clearing the message as some messages dont go through //due to flood controls, character limits, etc //this gives the user an option of changing the text, or simply overwriting it function clear_message() { document.tagform.message.focus(); document.tagform.message.select(); } //empties all text from the message box and re-focuses on the message //box. This is not the default action. function clear_message2() { document.tagform.message.value=""; document.tagform.message.focus(); } //handles the popup window for smilies //attempts to write all the contents directly, without file accesses //this is faster and requires less effort on the browser function pop_up_smilies() { var smilie=window.open('','smilies','resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,width=300,height=500'); smilie.opener=window; smilie.document.open("text/html"); smilie.document.write('\\\Tag-Board Smilies\\\.nounder{text-decoration:none;}\\