Rocky Horror Observations:
  • In the movie Princess Bride:
    David John was the sound mixer
    Betsy Brantley was the mother
    and Chris Sarandon (Susan Sarandon's Ex-Husband) was Price Humperdinck

  • In the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit:
    Both Betsy Brantley and Sadie Corre were performance models

  • Manning Redwood was in The Empire Strikes Back and
    Sadie Corre played an Ewok in The Return of the Jedi

  • Both Betsy Brantley and Charles Gray
    appeared in Adventures of Sherlock Holmes the TV Series and in

  • Jessica Harper appeared in Little Women the TV series and
    Susan Sarandon appeared in Little Women the movie

  • Both Henry Woolf and Barry Dennen appeared in Superman III

  • Both Barry Dennen and Manning Redwood appeared in The Shining

  • Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment together have 3 actors named Barry
    Barry Bostwick
    Barry Dennen
    Barry Humphries