Chapter 1: The Wedding

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Brad and Janet waved goodbye to the car whisking away Ralph and Betty, their newlywed best
friends, off to honeymoon bliss. "Oh, Brad, wasn't it wonderful?" Janet asked, still excited
from the afternoon's events, "Didn't Betty look radiantly beautiful?" A dreamy expression crossed
her face. "Oh, I can't believe that an hour ago she was plain old Betty Munroe and now, now she's
Mrs. Ralh Hapschatt."
Brad a nervous twitch crossed Brad's smile as he stepped away from the church steps. Janet
followed in pursuit as he strolled through the grounds. "Yes, Janet, Ralph's a lucky guy.
Everyone knows Bettys a wonderful little cook. Why, Ralph himself will be in line for a
promotion in a year or two..." Brad stopped suddenly and took a deep breath. "Hey, Janet, Ive
got something to say."
"Uh, huh," Janet began, and before she knew what was happening, Brad had twirled her back
to the steps and was on his knee, engagement ring in hand.

What do you do now?

Janet says "Yes" to Brad
Janet says "No" to Brad

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